How to Easily Disable Drudge Report's Excessive Automatic Page Refresh Feature

If you visit the Drudge Report often, you have probably noticed an extremely annoying feature on the site: excessive automatic page refreshing. At some point, some psychotic decision maker at the Drudge Report decided the main page needs to be refreshed every three minutes. It is hard to imagine the news cycle has gotten so hectic that we must be immediately updated on the events of the last three minutes. Can't we wait a full five minutes to find out Barack Obama once gave a speech about the benefits of selling the Washington Monument to China?

The reality of the situation is probably the Drudge Report is just trying to boost their advertising impressions or pump up a page hit count. The sad thing is you are the victim of this annoying profit-generating, prestige-inflating feature. Isn't it annoying when you are just about to click on a sensationalized headline to find out just how much it is misrepresenting the actual content of the linked article and the Drudge Report suddenly auto-refreshes on you? Don't you hate having to wait for the page to reload so you can search for your selection again?

Well, here's how you can stop this irritating nonsense from the Drudge Report:
  1. Open the http://www.drudgereport.com in your browser.
  2. Click on Tools | Internet Options.
  3. The Internet Options screen will appear.
  4. Click on the Security tab.
  5. Click on the Restricted sites icon from the Select a zone to view or change security settings field.
  6. Click on the Sites button.
  7. The Restricted sites screen will appear.
  8. Make sure http://www.drudgereport.com appears in the Add this website to the zone field.
  9. Click the Add button to add the page to your list of restricted sites in the Websites field.
  10. Click the Close button to save your changes.
Once you have followed these easy steps, you will be free from the Drudge Report's annoying and excessive automatic page refresh feature.

By the way, don't trust those exciting and alarming headlines on the Drudge Report. Take the time to actually read the linked articles and get the full story. You will be amazed how much the content of the articles differ from the headlines on the Drudge Report.


Anonymous said...

You are a liberal COCK! Is that you hiding from the truth Barry??

Anonymous said...

How is it that sanctimonious liberals can't even give technical instructions without giving you a pain in the arse?

Editor said...

Anonymous Visitors from 4/19/2012 and 7/16/2012,

Who are you calling a liberal? In your world, is anyone who finds Drudge's headlines misleading automatically a liberal? Some people who are probably far more conservative than you do not like to have news presented in a deliberately deceptive manner.

Whether the source is conservative or liberal, some people just do not like sneaky news tactics. Some of us just want the truth. Look in to it sometime.

Seriously, click on those links on the Drudge Report. The content of the linked stories is often substantially different from the headlines on Drudge Report. Anyone who can read, visits Drudge Report on a regular basis, and actually reads the linked stories knows this is true. If you doubt this, just click on ten links at random and see what happens.

Biff Jackson said...

Just turn off JavaScript in the browser preferences.

Editor said...

Dear Biff Jackson,

Please elaborate. Are you suggesting turning off Java Script for all sites? Some people need to allow Java Script for some sites.

If you have an easier method for specifically limiting The Drudge Report site's ability to force constant refreshes without limiting functionality on other sites, please provide details.

Anonymous said...

Your whining like a baby about "misleading headlines" is a dead giveaway that you're a liberal. I'm just surprised you didn't include the gratuitous "fauxnews" slam as well.

Editor said...

Dear Anonymous from 8/13/13:

Your logic does not make sense. Are you stating that people who object to "misleading headlines" are automatically labeled as liberals in your world? That seems like a very hardline pro-media position.

One would hope all people, regardless of beliefs, would object to misleading headlines. Are you seriously stating that being against "misleading headlines" (or even daring to use the term) is a quality unique to liberals? Aren't non-liberals also allowed to object to being misled and expose things that are misleading?

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this tip! Not only does it disable the auto-loading, but it also seems to improve the performance of this page on my (underpowered) computer.

Editor said...

Dear Anonymous from 10/19/13,

You're welcome. Those page refreshes can get so annoying.

MLK said...

I'm what I would call a conservative. I do find many of the Drudge links to be misleading or just plain false. It does irk me and I do have thoughts of just not checking Drudge any more. I still do for now. It's annoying and deceiving.

J WHIT said...

Many of the DrudgeReport headlines are directly from the headline of the newspaper. Most newspapers have misleading headlines. NYT, WAPO, LATimes, are all common offenders on the left.
I find that very often it appears the headlines are misleading because the writers don't really understand their topics and don't understand their headline is misleading.

A common offense is to misunderstand the difference in Risk and Increased Risk. Logic and percentages are something journalists have little understanding.

Editor said...

Dear J WHIT:

No, Drudge Report headlines are often significantly different from the headlines of the linked articles. This is easy to verify. Just go to Drudge Report, click on several headlines, and see what comes up on the linked pages.

Sometimes the Drudge Report headlines will be exact copies. Often Drudge Report headlines will be paraphrased and jazzed up. Sometimes the Drudge Report headlines will refer to one sentence or word in the linked article. In the worst examples, the Drudge Report headline will use ambiguous language and be a clever distortion of the linked article. On occasion, the Drudge Report headline only has a remote relevance to the linked article or is irrelevant all together. Just click on the links. The proof is right there on the Drudge Report 24 hours each day.

By the way, journalist do not often write headlines for their stories, especially in larger operations. Editors, copy editors, etc. commonly write headlines. In print, the headlines have to fit in particular spaces, and journalists are not normally in the room during these layout decisions.

Anonymous said...

I'm a conservative and I constantly find misleading headlines on Drudge. Also, the auto refresh is so annoying I rarely read it anymore.

Anonymous said...

This tip is great!! I had given up on drudge because of my slow internet.

Anonymous said...


bloggerjim said...

The guy's asked a question that you haven't answered. Can't liberals give advice or instruction without sounding like sanctimonious twits? (A sanctimonious twit would want to be certain I have advice about checking headlines against the content of the story. Just as he would want to be certain I'm on the food stamp list because I'm an ethnic liberal. "Now be certain to apply for food stamps, brown boy. Hey, I'm only interested in your welfare."

Editor said...

Dear bloggerjim:

The question--you misunderstood and misquoted--is flawed. It's like asking, "Why is the hippopotamus the most deadly animal in South America?" You see, the question itself is based on an incorrect assumption.

In this case, the assumption being made is that anyone who objects to the way the Drudge Report distorts headlines is automatically a liberal and not simply a person who cares about the truth. You must also be making this incorrect assumption. If you want a question answered, first make sure the question itself is not fundamentally flawed.